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When you get the hankering for a tasty meal and a refreshing beverage, do what people have been doing for centuries before you: head down to the Irish pub in Elgin, IA! At The Irish Shanty, we welcome every guest like a friend and make sure you get exactly what you’re craving—from burgers and beers, to traditional Irish entrees.

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The Gunderburger

Looking for a real burger that’s going to leave you feeling full to the brim with flavor? Give The Gunderburger a try! Our most popular menu item is a 22 oz loaded patty with bacon, cheese, grilled onions, caramelized onions, mushrooms, pickles and fries! It’s a mouthful that’s bursting with flavor and savory goodness! Plus, it’s made to order, so you get the best of freshly-melted cheese, crispy onions, crunchy bacon and more. No forks allowed!

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Traditional Irish Fare

More than just a burger restaurant in Elgin, IA, we’re the destination for authentic Irish entrees, cooked up fresh, ready to order. Whether you fancy a Rueben or want something more along the lines of meat and potatoes, we’ll whip up something delicious for you. We take pride in the food we prepare and are meticulous in the ingredients we choose. This attention to detail ensures that our food only includes the freshest ingredients available.

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Lunch and Dinner Specials

We have lunch and dinner specials running all day, giving you the chance to grab a bite to eat at a great price! Just ask our servers what the day’s specials are and they’ll be glad to let you know. We generally plan specials based on different ingredient availabilities and events, so it’s always a good idea to see what’s on special—get it while you can!

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Draught and Craft Beers

What’s a traditional Irish meal without a traditional Irish beverage to wash it down with? We’ve got all of your favorite draught beers tapped and ready to go, alongside an extensive menu of craft favorites from local and regional breweries. Not sure what to order? Let us know what you’re eating and we’ll gladly pour you a class of the perfect beer complement.

Whether you’re hungry for a huge burger, thirsty for a beer or just want to catch the game in the company of friends, The Irish Shanty welcomes you. Pull up a chair, put in an order and enjoy your time with us!

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